My Dry Cleaners


Launched in 2020, Our on demand dry cleaners platform connects customers and local laundry partners, serving their multiple needs. Customers use our on demand apps to search and discover nearest laundry, dry cleaners, shoe repairman, alteration expert, read and write customer generated reviews, Schedule a laundry, ironing, shoe repair, clothing alteration and dry cleaning collection online and our driver will collect and deliver clean clothes to your doorstep. 

We provide commercial laundry and dry cleaning service for hotels, spas, gyms, serviced apartments, care houses, play centres, hospitals, Airbnb, restaurants and many more small to large businesses in London.

Free pickup and delivery in the next 24 hours. Available 24*7 on live chat.

Explore lists of top laundromats, dry cleaners, tailor, and shoe cobbler in London, United Kingdom, based on trends.

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